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Understanding the New PAS 63100:2024 Battery Storage Guidelines

In March 2024, the British Standards Institution (BSI) released new guidelines for battery energy storage systems (BESS) in residential settings, known as PAS 63100:2024. These guidelines aim to enhance safety and establish best practices for the installation and maintenance of BESS. Note that these are recommendations, and not not form any legal/mandatory requirement.

Key Recommendations

Installation Restrictions

One of the most significant recommendations in PAS 63100:2024 is the restriction on installing batteries in certain areas of a home. Specifically, the guidelines state that batteries should not be installed in voids, roof spaces, or lofts. This recommendation stems from concerns about fire safety and the difficulty of accessing these areas in an emergency​.

Emphasis on Safety Measures

The new PAS emphasises several safety measures that should be considered when installing BESS:

  • Ventilation: Proper ventilation is crucial to manage potential smoke and gases that could be emitted during a battery malfunction. Ensuring good airflow can prevent the enclosure from overheating and mitigate the risk of fire.

  • Fire Detection: Installing adequate fire detection systems is vital. These systems should be able to quickly detect and alert occupants to any fire-related incidents involving the battery system. A simple battery powered smoke alarm may not be enough!

  • Structural Integrity: The guidelines recommend that the structural capacity of the installation area should be assessed to handle the weight and potential hazards of battery systems​, including where batteries are ultimately installed in a loft.

Best Practice Guide, Not Regulation

It’s important to understand that PAS 63100:2024 is a set of recommendations and not a mandatory regulation. This guidance is intended to help define good practice standards. Compliance with PAS 63100:2024 is not compulsory unless it is adopted into local regulations or required by insurers​, for example.

Future Amendments and Technological Considerations

The PAS 63100:2024 guidelines are subject to amendments based on feedback from the industry and technological advancements. For instance, newer and safer battery technologies may not have been fully considered in the current version of the guidelines. Continuous updates are expected to address these gaps and improve the standards over time​. Technology naturally gets safer over time.

Practical Considerations for Homeowners

While the guidelines recommend against installing batteries in lofts and similar spaces, some installations might still occur with appropriate safety measures in place. Homeowners should ensure they have adequate fire detection systems and that the structural integrity of their installation area is assessed to support the battery system safely.

Overall, these recommendations are designed to enhance safety and ensure that installations are carried out to the highest standards. For detailed information, homeowners and installers should refer to the full PAS 63100:2024 document available through the BSI.


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