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Commercial Building

Commercial Services

We are able to carry out any electrical works in all commercial environments. Please contact us for services not listed - we will be able to help you

High and Low voltage work - We have experience of working on both high and low voltage environments and employ District Network Operator (DNO) trained staff

Electrical installations and upgrades - We are able to undertake renovations of complete electrical systems to improve efficiency and save energy. If your looking for something less complex, we can also undertake smaller jobs such as installing electrical outlets and upgrading sockets to include USB charging

Emergency call outs - We offer round the clock 24/7 emergency call outs for any electrical need

Commercial security and safety systems - We are experienced in installing electrical security and safety systems including fire alarms, motion detectors, alarm systems, security lights, access control and more. This includes CCTV and ANPR (Automated Number Plate Recognition)

Commercial light fittings - We can install, upgrade or repair all electrical light fittings and systems. We can advise you the right lighting for your situation to save energy, add ambience or improve visibility and security

PAT / Appliance testing - We are fully qualified to carry out portable appliance testing (PAT) on all electrical appliances for commercial environments. This can be on a one-off occasion or part of a schedule maintenance plan

Commercial Safety checks -  We can offer an Electrical Inspection Condition Report (EICR). This is an in-depth assessment and inspection of all wiring in the building. We recommend that properties have a check at least every 5 years. Find out more EICR testing on on our blog - Landlords - Commercial and Residential: Why Electrical Testing is vital for you

Condition reports (periodic testing) - We are qualified to carry out EICR reports on properties to ensure compliance with electrical regulation and prevent the risk of fire. Find why we say EICR testing is vital - Why EICR Electrical Testing is Critical for Safety and Compliance

Solar Panel and EV Charging - We offer businesses the latest in solar technology and Electric Vehicle charging suitable for your needs and requirements - save money on your electric bill and increase your organisations green credentials! For more information on Solar Panel and EV Charging, click HERE or visit our blog on: The Power of Solar: Why Specialised Electrical Solutions Ltd is the Solution for Your Energy Needs

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